The words or phrase “client-centric” is not found in the Webster Dictionary database; however, when you Google “What does Client-Centric mean?” numerous response come from the search.

Or maybe this is the first time you have heard the phrase – “Client-Centric.”

Regardless, we believe the definition is one that is personal… it is rooted in a process that puts the client at the center it all and everything is built from what is most important to them.  Think about it this way a business could be “Company-Centric” – what is best for our bottom line?  A business could be “Advisor-Centric,” what is best for the advisor?  Or a company could be “Client-Centric” focusing on what is best for the client.  Believe it or not, being client-centric is not the most common focus.

Our simple definition follows:
A “Client Centric” advisors choose to be a catalyst in the lives of others, empowering them to become the best they can be in life and in business. They place the interest of their clients at the center of what they do and the advice they provide.  They start with what is most important to the client and then build the plan around achieving that goal.

That’s just our initial thought – What is yours?

How would YOU define a “client centric” experience?

You have a choice!

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