Think back to 1980, we had stockbrokers, account executives; financial planners were non-existent.  Today, having a financial planner on your team is the standard. We believe the future has arrived and having a “Life Planning” or “Relational Planning” or “Personal Planning” approach is the start of a new standard.  Clients deserve more value, we believe the ideal team is an Investment Planner (Financial Value) + Financial Planner (Intellectual Value) + Life Planner (Relational Value).

Relational Value or Relational Planning is personal, it brings in emotions, judgement, fear, greed, personal aspects, family dynamics, personal interests, connection between people, everything that is rooted in what is most important in life.

Any advisor can execute trades, rebalance your account, give you feedback on what would happen if you retire earlier, or later, spent more, or less money in retirement based on probabilities

But a “relational planner” provides the following:

  • Helps you or your children find the career you have always wanted.
  • Educates your kids to become financially responsible.
  • Create experiences to connect you with other people who are in retirement.
  • Figure out how you could spend your time in retirement based on your personal interests.
  • Fund a foundation for Military Veterans because of your experience or because your you want to serve those who have serve us.
  • Be a sounding board for you as you think through the growth of your business or selling your business.
  • Strategically think through why buying real estate as a part of your long-term income plan during retirement is a good decision.
  • Help you understand market volatility by having a personal understanding of who you are.

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