Goals-based investment planning is the process of matching your money and financial resources with your goals, dreams and objectives in light of the risks and rewards presented by current economic and financial markets.

Our Undivided Wealth Management process has as its foundation a holistic, in-depth and detailed understanding of “What’s Most Important” to you. Our comprehensive financial planning process will identify your priorities, passions and pain-points and document your financial objectives, short, medium and long-term. That’s where our investment process kicks in. Our investment process differs from traditional investing in that its yardstick for success is how well the you are able to meet your personal life goals, rather than how well your investments perform against the market average in a given period.

Investment goals consist of three stages – Accumulation (Grow Wealth), Transition (Preserve Wealth) and Withdrawal (Distribute Wealth). Each investment stage has its own unique risks and requires its own customized strategy. For example, a goal to save for your children’s education is most likely in a different stage from your retirement goals and deserves its own strategy and considerations.

Of course, we need a thorough understanding and analysis of the investment markets, economy and tools to design portfolios with the opportunity to achieve maximum returns and/or income and for a given level of risk. However, we define risk as the probability of achieving your stated objectives. Again, our yardstick for success is how well you are able to meet your personal life goals with as little risk as possible, rather than how well your investments perform against the market average in a given period.

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