We help clients, leaders, teams and organizations grow through Undivided Experiences.

Experiential Learning is more than just an event or occurrence.  An “experience” is the process of learning, gaining knowledge or skill that is obtained from doing, seeing, or feeling. Experiential learning has a lasting effect. 

Our calendar of experiences will be released in July of 2021.  In the meantime, here are a few of our past experiences.

Meet our friend Travis Thomas:

For over 20 years, Travis Thomas has worked with world-class companies, leaders and professional athletes to help them discover and live their brilliance. His extensive career as an improvisational actor has taught him that the improvisational foundational mantra of “yes, and” just might be the key to getting unstuck in any situation.

Travis regularly works with New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, and Georgia football. And, he is the current Leadership and Team Dynamics coach for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team.

Travis is the Founder of Live Yes, And, sharing his inspiring message of purpose, authenticity and collaboration with audiences across the United States.  Travis lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife and three kids and continues to perform on stage and train athletes.

Meet our friend John O’Leary:

Once expected to die, John O’Leary will inspire you to live IN AWE. John’s highly-anticipated second book is already projected to be a bestseller and will provide you the perspective, guidance and inspiration to rediscover your childlike wonder! Click the link to learn more about John O’Leary –

John’s Message:
PIVOTING INTO ADVERSITY: How to effectively navigate today’s unknowns + create tomorrow’s possibilities.

During a period of unprecedented change, join #1 bestselling author John O’Leary as he helps you navigate the uncharted waters in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Leveraging content from his forthcoming book IN AWE, he’ll help you gain perspective on where we are, clarity on what remains possible, and confidence that the best is yet to come.

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