Navigating Uncertainty by “Living, Yes and”

Live Stream Experience February 17th at 6:00pm CST

Meet our friend Travis Thomas:

For over 20 years, Travis Thomas has worked with world-class companies, leaders and professional athletes to help them discover and live their brilliance. His extensive career as an improvisational actor has taught him that the improvisational foundational mantra of “yes, and” just might be the key to getting unstuck in any situation.

Travis regularly works with New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, and Georgia football. And, he is the current Leadership and Team Dynamics coach for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team.

Travis is the Founder of Live Yes, And, sharing his inspiring message of purpose, authenticity and collaboration with audiences across the United States.  Travis lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife and three kids and continues to perform on stage and train athletes.

The 10 core principles of the “Live Yes, and” philosophy can help you get unstuck.

Once in a while, people get stuck. Getting stuck occasionally is normal, and you can’t avoid it. What’s important is what you do to move forward. 

Corporate trainer and performance coach Travis L. Thomas will outline 10 core principles on how you can “Live Yes, and” every day and get unstuck.


  • First, The Answer to ‘How’ is ‘Yes’.” All things become possible when you say yes.
  • Second, “Life is the Performance.” You’re the star.
  • Third, “There are No Mistakes.” Always say yes, and keep moving ahead.
  • Fourth, “Embrace the Goo.” These challenges will transform your life.
  • Fifth, “Victor or Victim?” Your beliefs determine your mind-set.
  • Sixth, You decide whether your life is ‘Good or Bad.’
  • Seventh, Your internal compass points to your true north, your Purpose.
  • Eighth, Never “Hold Your Breath.” Don’t deny yourself the things that bring you joy.
  • Ninth, to move ahead, ‘Step Out of Your Comfort Zone,’ blow up your routines, try new things. 
  • Tenth, “Turn Competition into Collaboration.”

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  • Date: February 17th
  • Time: 6:00 PM CST
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